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Never Vote for a Lawyer
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                   Never Vote for a Lawyer
A Handbook for Liberty Lovers
by Attorney Tony Lamia and Journalist John Gile

From Never Vote For A Lawyer:

"History teaches us that all bureaucracies tend to devolve or degenerate to the point at which they serve the interests of the people running the bureaucracy instead of the interests of the people the bureaucracy was intended to serve. It happens in all large bureaucracies: in business, in education, in medicine, in religion, in unions, in government. Governments at all levels are subject to that tendency -- aided and abetted by citizen apathy.

"Because government has the power to take away your money, your property, your liberty, and your life, no one can afford to ignore or be indifferent to government. Bad government happens when good people quit caring.

"In the human condition, there is a common tendency to drift away from principles, to compromise principles for personal desires. Our nation’s founders were aware of that natural human tendency and created checks and balances to protect us from abuse. They knew that it is unrealistic to expect any particular candidate or party to govern perfectly and selflessly. Candidates we elect and the members of any party we put in power are subject to the limitations of the human condition described by classical theology and understood by our nation’s founders: limitations manifest in temptations to lust, greed, pride, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth and the destructive consequences from succumbing.

"Never Vote For A Lawyer is not a lawyer-bashing book. It is an aid for constantly focusing on and living up to the core principles and ideals of our Declaration of Independence and of our Constitution. Never Vote for a Lawyer is a reminder that, in a free society, we get the kind of government we deserve, that we 
you and I are ultimately responsible." John Gile in Never Vote For A Lawyer

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"I never looked at it that way before."

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